About Us

We focus on new, innovative ideas and methods in a challenging and ever changing business environment which demands put us in the cutting edge in project management techniques.

Langdon Seah Sdn Bhd and JUBM Sdn Bhd are affililates of ARCADIS. Amongst the longest established local Quantity Surveying firm in Malaysia, we are equipped with the most complete set of database on the major projects implemented in the country since Independence.
We pioneered the development of economic feasibility studies of capital projects in the early 60's. These have now evolved into a complete suite of simulated programmes allowing on-the-spot evaluation of all types of projects ranging from housing schemes, new towns, condominiums, office and shopping complexes to hotels.
We pioneered the computerization of the quantity surveying work in the 70's and 80's and today, we have, in conjunction with our independent software consultancy, Dalas Technologies Sdn Bhd, developed the comprehensive AtlesPro suite of computer programmes for the production of estimates, tender documentation, cost analyses and many other functions related to construction management.
Our office documentation system is managed by DalasNet (our Intranet), a web-based application and facilitates communication, business processes, and collaboration among the users within our organisation.
Our involvement in major capital projects have shown that Value Management and Risk Management can only be successfully implemented through good Cost, Time and Quality Management. Our endeavour to promote Excellence in our services has led us to impose strict Quality Assurance procedures in our work. As a result, SIRIM awarded us the ISO 9001 accreditation on 23rd May, 1995.
We focus on new and innovative ideas and methods constantly required in a challenging and changing business environment. These demands often put us in the cutting edge for the development of new project control techniques for Value and Risk Management, Cost, Time and Quality Management and Asset Management of capital projects.

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