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Hong Kong International Airport Planned Three-runway System Layout

Services Provided
Cost Planning for Initial Scheme Design and Scheme Design Stages
Land Formation for Three-runway System
The project will create new land north of the existing north runway (approximately 650 ha). The land formation will adopt a non-dredging method to provide a platform for a third runway, a new passenger concourse, and all associated taxiways, aprons and airport infrastructure.
Three-runway System Infrastructure, Concourse and T2 Expansion
A third runway concourse with bridge-served stands, all airfield infrastructure including the third runway, taxiways, aprons, remote stands, airside roads, vehicular tunnels, storm water culverts, drainage, airfield systems, Automated People Mover System, Baggage Handling System, APM and BHS-related civil works, ancillary buildings, utility services, interfacing works, etc.  In addition, the Works also include the expansion and modification of the existing Terminal 2 to provide a full processing terminal serving departures, arrivals and transfer passengers, an underground Automated People Mover Interchange Station, associated access road network, utility services and re-provisioning of existing land transport facilities affected by the terminal expansion.
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